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Wood Burning Stoves

The cheapest (and cosiest!) way to heat your home

It’s true. Compared to electricity or gas, wood is a far cheaper form of fuel energy. But that is just one compelling reason to invest in a wood burning stove supplied quickly and then professionally installed by Brentwood Burners. There are hundreds of models to choose from: all woodburners are available in black and some in painted enamel.

Why wouldn’t you want one?

There really is nothing more welcoming than a wood burning stove. The lovely ambience they create in a room has been something people have enjoyed for centuries. The warmth that wood burners emit, the views of big lush flames swirling behind the glass front, the spit and crackle of the logs, the sheer contentment of it all…

With all this, who wouldn’t want a wood burning stove? What’s more, wood fuel is virtually a carbon neutral renewable source – making wood-burning stoves eco-friendly.

Curl up on the sofa, and feel all the stresses of the day disappear

Wood burning stoves:

  • Can heat small and medium-sized rooms with ease
  • Allow for home heating in an electricity power supply cut, or when the gas supply needs to be temporarily switched off
  • Do not have to be positioned near a wall socket/no need for extra wall socket installation close to your fireplace
  • Have self-cleaning glass
  • Still emit heat after they have gone out
  • And you can even cook on them!

Add value to your home, and save money, simultaneously

As we’ve already seen, wood is cheaper than electricity and gas, meaning you can slash your energy bills in winter, especially if your loft is well insulated. You’ll quickly recoup the cost of your stove that way.

A single wood burning stove could heat your whole house. And if you work from home or tend to use just one room during the day, having the central heating on throughout the whole property is a waste of money, and energy. Making a small investment in a woodburner and associated flue is the ideal solution: a by far cheaper way to stay warm through the daytime in winter. And don’t worry about the smell. The odour from burning coal can permeate a whole house. With a wood burning stove, that won’t happen.

Flue liners and cowls

To complement the woodburners we can supply and fit stainless steel flue liners and cowls. We also have huge stocks of enamel stove pipe; slate, granite, stone and marble hearths; and oak beams to suit all our stoves. We can supply all these from stock or craft a made-to-measure piece for you.

Accessories such as tongs, pokers, bellows and toasting forks are also available to buy from us.

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