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Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Make the most of your available space

Keeping your bathroom clutter-free is essential; it is supposed to be a place to relax and ‘cleanse’ your mind as well as your body, after all! There is no better way to do that than to have installed fitted bathroom furniture: the perfect storage solution.

Bring everything together

Fitted furniture can be stand-alone individual pieces or a collection of units that work together as one larger installation. Fitted cabinets, drawers and vanity units all in the same style and colour or texture can create a uniformity of style, which can be enhanced by matching unit handles, rails, hooks, pegs and other small and subtle yet important details.

  • The benefits of fitted bathroom units are numerous:
  • They can complement your existing décor, and everything will delightfully match – no need to scour the town or city for that ever-elusive matching bathroom cabinet or drawers
  • A consistency of style and a sense of continuity and cohesion is guaranteed
  • You can select units to meet your specific storage needs
  • Your bathroom will be uncluttered yet everything you need will still be easily at hand
  • No wasted space to feel increasingly frustrated about every time you lay back in the bath and look around you
  • Units can come with space saver depths, and be designed to fit even the most awkward angles
  • Fitted pieces can add delightful colour in plain white bathrooms, or those decorated in neutral shades

A completely coordinated and harmonious finish

As well as being functional and space saving, fitted units can play a role in enhancing your bathroom’s existing theme and feel. Add subtlety by utilising the natural beauty of wood; or opt for a black silky finish when you want to make a bold statement. A minimalist look is more your thing? OK. How about a white slab glossy finish to all your fitted units throughout? You’re happy with your current units and only need new taps? Fine. We can source and supply the taps you want and then arrange to have them fitted for you.

Whatever your preference, Brentwood Bathrooms can meet your needs, quickly and without fuss. We can even arrange installation!

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