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Electric Stoves

Real fire authenticity, at the flick of a switch

Electric stoves are so easy to use, and you won’t need to buy kindling, logs or coal. You still get a realistic log or coal fire-bed effect, but never have to worry about stocking up on fuel supplies. And because no chimney is required, you can use electric stoves in any room of your home. Portable models are even available.

Electric stoves possess all the charm of woodburners, and can create the same ambience. What’s more, their low energy illumination and high thermal efficiency can mean a considerable saving made on your heating costs and energy bills throughout the winter months.

A vast range and super-fast delivery

With electric stoves from Brentwood Burners you get:

  • Clean and rapid heating for small and medium-sized rooms (no soot, no smoke, no carbon emissions)
  • A choice of sizes, outputs, construction materials, colours and finishes
  • The traditional look of a woodburner, with virtually effortless electric appliance control
  • Concealed controls and a remote control option – no stooping, squatting or crouching; simply alter the heat output and flame effect from the comfort of your armchair or sofa
  • A realistic flame and glow effect, thanks to incorporated technology
  • Self-cleaning glass
  • The option to select different flame brightness levels; to match your mood, or to maybe create a new one?

The glowing ember effect of an electric stove is a joy to come home to. And with some models available from Brentwood Burners, you can even set the heat to come on using a timer, so your home will be wonderfully inviting, with a temperature that is ‘just right’, after trudging home through the snow and ice on dark winter evenings.

Imagine that.

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