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Bathroom Cabinets & Mirrors

Available in simple or spectacular designs

Bathroom cabinets

Finding sufficient bathroom storage space can be a nightmare, can’t it? It’s hard to relax and enjoy a warm bath in a cluttered environment; what’s more, it can be dangerous.

Installing bathroom cabinets provides the ideal solution to bathroom storage issues. They make everything neat and orderly as well as offering wonderful convenience – everything you need is always ‘just there’. And with lockable bathroom cabinets, items such as medication, scissors and razors can be securely stored out of children’s way.

Add beauty and light to your bathroom

As well as having a functional purpose, bathroom cabinets can add greatly to your bathroom’s overall aesthetic appeal. Cabinets available from Brentwood Bathrooms come in a wide range of styles, sizes, colours and finishes. Delivery is fast, and we’ll even arrange installation, if that’s what you need.

Free-standing and mounted bathroom cabinets:

  • Make bathroom items easily and quickly accessible – a boon for busy homes
  • Release precious floor space while still allowing you to keep everything you need in your bathroom – no more dashing to the bedroom with wet feet to grab a new bottle of shampoo or a towel
  • Can be mirrored
  • Can come with adjustable shelving, sliding doors, hinged doors, and built-in lighting
  • Help to create a coordinated, cohesive environment with a purposely created theme
  • Can be used as corner units to disguise areas in awkward bathroom layouts

Bathroom mirrors

Used cleverly, non-illuminated and illuminated mirrors can transform a bathroom. As well as serving their primary function, mirrors can provide extra brightness and make a bathroom look and feel bigger.

A mirror can be a beautiful feature in any bathroom

Brentwood Bathrooms can supply and arrange the installation of a wide range of mirrors from leading manufacturers to suit every design preference and every budget. Mirrors are available to buy separately or in multiple quantities, and in a variety of styles: simple and subtle mirrors that perfectly blend in, or extravagant and spectacular mirror designs that can be used to enhance a bathroom’s particular atmosphere and theme, without costing a fortune.

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