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Design-conscious bath shapes

Baths are one of life’s simple pleasures. Opening your pores and cleansing your skin in a warm bath at the end of a long day can help you look, smell and feel fabulous. Whether you grab a quick dip or treat yourself to a long soak, the experience can be made all the more pleasurable if your bath is the right size and shape, as well as being wonderfully smooth to the touch.

At Brentwood Bathrooms, we can supply and arrange the instalment of baths to meet every taste and budget. Supply is speedy – no frustrating delays or delivery dates being suddenly moved. There are hundreds of styles and shapes to choose from, including double-ended shower baths, and whirlpools in different sizes.

Things to think about before purchasing

As well as style and cost, key considerations when choosing a bath include:

  • Available space
  • Desired length and depth required
  • Shape: rectangular, oval, square, hexagonal…
  • If you need to combine bathing with showering
  • If middle or end-mounted taps would be best, or if positioning floor-mounted taps off-centre is a better option?
  • Should your bath be freestanding or built-in?

Choose the right bath, and the rest will follow

In any bathroom, the bathtub is always the focal point. As the jewel in the crown of a welcoming haven to retreat to whenever you need to relax your body and mind and to wash away the day, your bath type will determine the ‘feel’ of your bathroom, more than any other feature.

A bath with clawed feet and a rolled rim will exude distinctive period authenticity; whereas a square design encased in coloured glass and illuminated with bathroom-friendly LEDs will absolutely tick the box for contemporary design-loving home owners.

Take your pick!

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